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After Angie's List changed its name — and focus — EcoSide needed a new strategy.

EcoSide is a small, family-owned business that specializes in siding replacement and repair in Seattle, Washington. In early 2021 we met with the owner to talk about marketing for his business.

For over ten years, the company relied solely on Angie’s List leads and word-of-mouth to reach potential customers. It had been a good arrangement. That is until Angie's List rebranded itself as had shifted its focus from contractors to more robust offerings for homeowners like booking appointments, making payments, and getting home maintenance advice. Unfortunately, EcoSide, like many contractors, saw a dramatic drop in referrals from the new Angi, and business started to slow down.

During our conversation, we learned that EcoSide didn't have a website; they had never needed one. After further assessment of the business, and a quick look at the competition, we determined that a website and a solid SEO strategy would be the best solution. We put together a plan that would help them reach new customers and fit into their budget.

Maxtana Creative helped EcoSide reach more clients with a new website and SEO strategy.
Siding repair job done by EcoSide in Seattle, WA.

Things have turned around for EcoSide.

The new site has been a huge success. Within six months of going live, Ecoside was capturing nearly 100% of new business via the website. Some of the elements driving that success are the Siding Replacement Calculator and the EcoSide Blog.

The Calculator provides customers with a quick estimate they can calculate themselves and is based on actual numbers EcoSide uses to estimate jobs. Customers can get a quick answer rather than jump through several hoops to get the information they need.

The site's blog is where EcoSide can offer site visitors helpful information on various topics related to homeownership. We even included an article on why Angie's List changed its name, which has seen a large amount of organic traffic.

EcoSide is a small operation and doesn't have anyone to maintain and update the site. We offered them a maintenance package that includes ongoing SEO and monthly blog posts. This allows us to continually fine-tune their search engine optimization and keeps the content on their site evergreen.

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