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Free SEO Audit

No other agency in the Seattle area is offering this deal. A completely free, no-obligation SEO audit of your website. We’ll hand over all our findings and provide you with easy-to-implement changes you can make right away.

Free SEO Audit

Our SEO specialists will audit your site for ways to improve your rankings. Here’s what we’ll look for:

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Here’s what’s included
🚀 Top organic keywords on your website. We’ll put together a list of keywords your site is already ranking for, map those to keywords to existing pages on your site, and make suggestions for new keywords and content for the future.
🚀 Monthly traffic analysis. We will provide you with a snapshot of your current site with insights into where traffic is coming from now.
🚀 Backlinks report. Getting quality links from reputable sites can significantly increase your search standings. We’ll let you know how many you have, the relative positive or negative effect they could be having, and ways to find new links.
🚀 Comparison to 3 competitor sites. We will look at three of your organic competitors (or three that you provide us) and let you know how your site ranks against theirs. We’ll also make suggestions for changes and improvements based on those findings.
🚀 Checklist of changes and improvements. All of this will be gathered in an easy-to-follow list of changes you can implement yourself. Or, if you prefer, we can make those changes for you with our no-obligation, one-month SEO trial.
🚀 Video walking you though our findings. One of our SEO specialists will put together a short video detailing our findings and walking you through our recommended changes. Or, if you prefer, you can do a live 1-on-1 video call. 
Free SEO Audit

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the SEO audit really free?
Absolutely. The report is 100% free with no strings attached. 
SEO is a big job, and we are experts. So if you decide you’d like some help with the changes we’ve suggested, we’re here to help.
Is this just a cookie-cutter report you send to everyone?
No way. We take the time to analyze your site and make suggestions based on our findings. 
While there are items on our checklists that we implement for many of our clients, each report is as unique as the client that requests it.
This is just the light version, right? You’re going to ask for more money for the full report.
Nope! This is the same report we put together for all of our monthly SEO clients. The only exceptions are the items we don’t have access to, like your Google Analytics report or other tools you may have installed on your site. 
We will include information on how to check those items yourself and recommend next steps. And we promise we won’t hold anything back. You get our complete report, no strings attached.
Why would you give this information away for free?
We understand that small and medium-sized businesses can use all the help they can get. So if we can provide a little boost to your business, we’re happy to help.
We also know that analysis is only the first step to getting and maintaining solid SEO rankings. If you don’t have someone on your team that can implement these changes for you, we’re here to help. Contact one of our SEO specialists today to start a no-commitment, one-month SEO trial.

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